Check the weather

Check current conditions. For current temperature plus a summary of current conditions and the high and low temperatures for the day, check the Weather glance.

The weather glance open, with a callout to tap the glance to open the Weather app.

See more details and forecasts. For current temperature and conditions, hourly forecasts of temperature, conditions, and precipitation, and a 10-day forecast, open the Weather app Weather icon on Apple Watch and tap a city. Tap the Hourly Conditions display repeatedly to switch to hourly precipitation or hourly temperature forecasts. Scroll down to see a 10-day forecast.

In the Weather app, tap the current temperature to switch to an hourly temperature or precipitation forecast. Scroll down to see a 10-day forecast. Swipe left or right to see conditions in other cities.

Add a city. Open the Weather app on iPhone, then tap the + at the bottom of the list of cities, and select a city. The Weather app on Apple Watch shows the same cities, in the same order, that you add to the Weather app on iPhone.

Choose your default city. Open the Apple Watch app on iPhone, tap My Watch, then go to Weather > Default City. Conditions for that city are shown in the Weather glance and on the watch face, if you’ve added weather to the face.

Ask Siri. “What’s tomorrow’s forecast for Honolulu?”