Check the time in other locations

Use the World Clock app World Clock icon to check the time in cities around the globe. Add cities to your watch face for quick reference.

Ask Siri. “What time is it in Auckland?”

Check the time in another city. Open World Clock World Clock icon, then turn the Digital Crown or swipe the screen to scroll the list. If there’s a city whose time you’d always like to see, you can add the world clock to your watch face and choose the city to display.

View of World Clock app with list of cities and scroll bar. Rotate crown to scroll up or down. Tap to select.

See additional information. To see more information about a city, including time of sunrise and sunset, tap the city in the World Clock list. When you’re finished, tap < in the upper left, or swipe right to return to the city list. As always, you can press the Digital Crown to return to the watch face.

World Clock app more info screen showing New York current time, time difference from your city, and sunrise/sunset times. Tap screen or press the Digital Crown to return to city list.

Add a city to World Clock. The cities you add on iPhone appear in World Clock World Clock icon on Apple Watch. Open the Clock app on iPhone, tap World Clock, then tap the Add button +.

Screen of the Clock app on iPhone, where you can add cities to the World Clock app.

Add a world clock to your watch face. You can add a world clock to several watch faces—some faces let you add more than one. Firmly press the display, then tap Customize. Swipe left until you can select individual complications, tap the one you’d like to use for a world clock, then turn the Digital Crown to choose a city. When you’re finished, press the Digital Crown. You can add a world clock to these faces: Chronograph, Color, Mickey Mouse, Modular, Simple, and Utility.

Two watch screens: one shows adding another city time to the watch face, and the other shows the time displayed on the watch face.

Change city abbreviations. If you want to change a city abbreviation used on Apple Watch, open the Apple Watch app on iPhone, tap My Watch, then go to Clock > City Abbreviations. Tap any city to change its abbreviation.

Watch face with pointer to the time in London, using the abbreviation LON. The next screen shows the option in the Apple Watch on iPhone where you can modify the abbreviation of cities.