Play music on iPhone

Use the Music app Music icon or the Now Playing glance on Apple Watch to control music playback on iPhone.

Ask Siri. Say something like:

  • “Play Panda Bear.”

  • “Play more songs from this album.”

  • “Play the top song from 1979.”

Play music on iPhone. Open Music Music icon on Apple Watch. Tap to browse playlists, albums, artists, or songs, then tap a song to play it.

On the main Music screen, scroll to the top to see the source buttons.

If you don’t see the music you’re expecting, make sure iPhone, not Apple Watch, is your source—firmly press the display, tap Source, then tap iPhone.

When playing music, tap Back button in the upper left to return to the track list. Previous Track, Play/Pause, and Next Track buttons are in the center of the screen. Turn the Digital Crown to adjust volume. Press the screen to shuffle or repeat songs, or to switch to playing songs on Apple Watch instead of iPhone.

Play Apple Music. If you subscribe to Apple Music, you’ll see buttons on either side of the volume control. Use them to like a track or add it to your music library.

If you are an Apple Music subscriber, there are three buttons at the bottom of the playback controls. On the left is a button for liking the current track. In the center is the volume control, On the right is a button for adding this track to your library.

Send audio to another device with AirPlay. While viewing the playback controls, firmly press the display, tap AirPlay, then choose a destination.

Shuffle or repeat songs. While viewing the playback controls, firmly press the display, then tap Shuffle or Repeat.

Control playback with the glance. Swipe from the watch face to the Now Playing glance for quick control. Swipe up on the watch face, then swipe left or right to the playback controls.

If you don’t see the Now Playing glance, open the Apple Watch app on iPhone, tap My Watch, then turn on Music > Show in Glances.