The status icons

Status icons at the top of the screen give you information about Apple Watch:


Lets you know

notification icon

You have an unread notification. Swipe down on the watch face to read it.

charging icon

Apple Watch is charging.

Lock icon

Apple Watch is locked. Tap to enter the passcode and unlock.

Do Not Disturb icon

Do Not Disturb is turned on. Calls and alerts won’t sound or light up the screen, but alarms are still in effect.

Airplane Mode icon

Airplane Mode is turned on. Wireless is turned off but non-wireless features are still available.

Disconnected iPhone icon

You have a workout in progress.

Disconnected iPhone icon

Apple Watch has lost the connection with its paired iPhone. This happens when Apple Watch isn’t close enough to iPhone, or when Airplane Mode is enabled on iPhone.

wireless activity icon

There’s wireless activity or an active process happening.