The Apple Watch app

Use the Apple Watch app on iPhone to customize watch settings and options, set up Apple Pay for Apple Watch, and visit the App Store, where you can download and install apps for Apple Watch. For information about the App Store, see Use and organize apps.

the Apple Watch app icon

Open the Apple Watch app.  On iPhone, tap the Apple Watch app icon, then tap My Watch to see the settings for Apple Watch.

Apple Watch app open on an iPhone to the My Watch screen with options (App Layout, Airplane Mode, Apple Watch, Notifications, Glances, Do Not Disturb, General, Brightness & Text Size, Sounds & Haptics) listed. Scroll down for more. Across the bottom are three tabs. Tap My Watch for access to these settings, tap Explore to find Apple Watch educational videos, and tap App Store to open the App Store to find apps you can get for Apple Watch.