A quick look at Apple Watch

This guide describes Apple Watch with watchOS 2.

Front of Apple Watch with a callout to the Digital Crown/Home Button: Press to see watch face or Home screen. Double-click to return to last app. Press and hold for Siri. Turn to zoom, scroll, or adjust. Second callout is to the side button: Press to show or hide Friends. Double-click for Apple Pay. Press and hold to turn off or on. Third callout points to the display: Press to change watch face. In an app, press to see options.
Back side of Apple Watch with these callouts to the side opposite the Digital Crown: Speaker, Microphone. Callout to buttons on top and bottom of the back side: Band release buttons: Press to slide out the band. Callout to disc-shaped raised area on center back: Heart rate sensor and charging pad.

You use several basic gestures to interact with Apple Watch.

Four hand gestures are illustrated. The first in the top-left is a finger moving up, down, and sideways with callout: Swipe up, down, left, or right. The second in the top-right shows a finger held down moving in all directions with the callout Drag. The lower-left illustration shows a finger touch with the callout Tap. The lower-right illustration shows an amplified touch with the caption Firmly press the display—don't just tap.

A new gesture—the press

Apple Watch uses Force Touch technology to sense how hard you press the display. Press firmly to change the watch face, see commands and options in apps, and more.

When instructions say press, touch the Apple Watch display, the press it firmly against your wrist.