Send a Digital Touch

Send a sketch, a few gentle taps, or your heartbeat.

To see (or feel) a sketch, tap, or heartbeat someone has sent you, just tap the notification.

When you receive a sketch, tap, or heartbeat from someone, the notification includes a Reply button near the bottom.

Send a sketch. Use your finger to draw on the screen. Tap the color picker in the upper right to choose a different color—even in the same drawing. The sketch is sent when you stop drawing or changing colors.

Tap the color button in the top right corner to change the color of your sketches.

Send a tap. Tap the screen to send a single tap or tap repeatedly to send a tap pattern.

Tap the screen with your finger to send a tap to a friend.

Share your heartbeat. Place two fingers on the display until you feel your heartbeat and see it animated on the screen.

You can send your heartbeat to a friend.

Need a refresher? Tap the Info button on the Digital Touch screen for tips.