Set and respond to reminders

There’s no Reminders app on Apple Watch, but Apple Watch notifies you of reminders you create in the Reminders app on your iPhone—and on any other iOS device or Mac that’s signed in using your Apple ID. Also, you can create reminders using Siri on Apple Watch.

Respond to a reminder. If you see the reminder notification when it arrives, just swipe (or turn the Digital Crown to scroll) to the bottom of the reminder, then tap Snooze, Completed, or Dismiss. If you discover the notification later, tap it in your list of notifications, then scroll and respond.

Set a reminder. Use Siri on Apple Watch. Press and hold the Digital Crown, then speak. Or just raise your wrist and say “Hey Siri, set a reminder.” You can also set reminders on iPhone or another iOS device or Mac that is signed in using your Apple ID.

Ask Siri. “Set a reminder for five o’clock.”