Use Rewards Passes

If you have a rewards card from a supporting merchant, you can add it to Wallet, then present it to a contactless reader as part of your transaction using Apple Watch.

Add a rewards pass. Look for the Add to Apple Wallet button in an email or on a website.

After paying with Apple Pay and providing your rewards card information, you may get a notification on your iPhone that lets you add that card as a rewards pass. Swipe the notification, then tap Add.

Use a rewards pass. When you’re prompted to provide your rewards information (and you see the Apple Pay logo), double-click the side button, swipe to select your preferred payment card, then hold Apple Watch within a few centimeters of the contactless reader, with the display facing the reader.

Your rewards pass is provided along with your credit or debit card when supported by the merchant.

Some merchants may require you to provide your rewards pass separately from your credit or debit card. Follow the guidance provided by the cashier when paying.

Use your rewards pass without paying using Apple Pay. Double-click the side button, swipe to the rewards card, then hold Apple Watch to the reader.