Use Zoom to magnify what’s on the Apple Watch display.

Turn on Zoom. On Apple Watch, open the Settings app Settings icon, go to General > Accessibility, then turn on Zoom. You can also use iPhone to turn on Zoom for Apple Watch—open the Apple Watch app on iPhone, tap My Watch, tap Settings, then tap the option in General > Accessibility. Or, use the Accessibility Shortcut; see The Accessibility Shortcut.

Zoom in or out. Double-tap the Apple Watch display with two fingers.

Move around (pan). Drag the display with two fingers. You can also turn the Digital Crown to pan over the entire page, left-right and up-down. The small Zoom button that appears shows you where you are on the page.

Use the Digital Crown normally instead of panning. Tap the display once with two fingers to switch between using the Digital Crown to pan and using the Digital Crown the way it works without Zoom on (for example, to scroll a list or zoom a map).

Adjust magnification. Double-tap and hold with two fingers, then drag your fingers up or down on the display. To limit magnification, open the Apple Watch app on iPhone, tap My Watch, go to General > Accessibility > Zoom, then drag the Maximum Zoom Level slider.

Zoom during setup. Double-tap with two fingers while setting up Apple Watch to get a better look.