Get Started
Other ways to view this user guide, Care for Apple Watch, Charge Apple Watch, Change language and orientation, Adjust brightness, text size, sounds, and haptics, The status icons, Turn on, wake, and unlock, The Apple Watch app, Set up and pair with iPhone, A quick look at Apple Watch.

Turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, Siri on Apple Watch, Use Apple Watch without its paired iPhone, Locate your iPhone, Hand off tasks from Apple Watch to iPhone, Get in touch with friends, Included apps, Use and organize apps.

Watch Faces
Faces and features, Customize your watch face.

Respond to unread notifications, Respond to live notifications, Notifications on Apple Watch.

Organize your glances, Check your glances, Get a quick glance at useful information.

See the time on your nightstand, Scan your day with Time Travel, Check the time in other locations, Time events with a stopwatch, Use a timer, Set alarms.

Send and manage messages, Read and reply to messages.

Digital Touch
Send a Digital Touch, Learn about Digital Touch.

Manage mail, Reply to mail, Read mail.

Phone Calls
Make calls over Wi-Fi, Make phone calls, Answer phone calls.

Calendars and Reminders
Set and respond to reminders, Check and update your calendar.

Health and Fitness
Keep your data accurate, Check your heart rate, Monitor your workouts, Track daily activity.

Apple Pay and Wallet
Use Wallet for passes and tickets, Use Rewards Passes, Make purchases with Apple Pay.

Maps and Directions
Get directions, Explore the map.

Play music on Apple Watch, Play music on iPhone.

Remote Control
Control Apple TV, Control music on a Mac or PC.

Manage photo storage, Choose your album, View photos on Apple Watch.

Camera Remote
Use the shutter timer, Use remote viewfinder and shutter.

Add stock info to your watch face, Check one stock at a glance, Track stocks.

See weather on your watch face, Check the weather.

Accessibility and Related Settings
Siri, Text size, Bold text, Mono Audio and audio balance, On/Off button labels, Zoom, Apple Watch basics with VoiceOver, Set up Apple Watch using VoiceOver, VoiceOver, The Accessibility Shortcut.

Safety, Handling, and Support
Apple and the environment, Disposal and recycling information, Hallmarks and fineness marks for Apple Watch Edition, Canadian regulatory statement for Apple Watch, Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Cable, and Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Case, FCC compliance statement for Apple Watch, Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Cable, and Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Case, Learn more, service, and support, Sell, give away, or lose Apple Watch, Restore Apple Watch from a backup, Update Apple Watch software, Restore Apple Watch.